Marguerite Kirmse Gallery

The genesis of this collection began in 1964, ten years after the death of Marguerite Kirmse. The artists’ estate had sat empty and neglected for the ten years after her death, as she had no heirs. The new owners, friends of my parents, sent them home with this collection of sketches, pastels, paintings and even some books, all still strewn about her studio, after a long day of helping in cleanup. After sitting for over forty years in our household, the collection is being sold so that others may enjoy the wonderful talent that Marguerite Kirmse had to offer.

This collection is comprised of dozens of drawings, etchings, pastels, watercolors and several oil paintings, as well as some interesting books owned by the artist. The collection as a whole offers insight into the artist’s life: her development as an artist, her love of dogs (and other animals) and her impressive understanding of anatomy. While many are clearly from her later years as a professional artist, many date back to younger years and time spent at the London Zoo, The Royal Agricultural Fair, and the Crystal Palace Dog Show. Individually, the artworks in this collection are each like unique gems. While many are signed or initialed, many are not. Marguerite Kirmse’s style throughout the body of this collection is unmistakable. Thus the collection as a whole authenticates each piece individually. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each piece sold.